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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Mazarrón - A policeman denounces the mayor's boyfriend for "threats"

This is going to be a somewhat "surreal" article, but is apparently based on real events in Mazarrón last week, on Tuesday 27th June to be precise, at the conclusion of the final plenary session of Mazarrón Council for June.

An off-duty member of the Mazarrón Local Police force (Policía Local de Mazarrón) was, it seems, talking with the Mayoress of the city, Alicia Jiménez, when he heard shouts of "I will kill you, I will kill you", uttered allegedly by the boyfriend of the Mayoress. It seems that during this incident or 'fracas', the Mayoress stood between the two men in an effort to keep them apart, and during it the Mayoress was pushed into the wall by the alleged assailant, that's to say her boyfriend, and was "stunned". She then said to the complainant (i.e. the off-duty local policeman), that "my personal life is my own" ("Mi vida personal es mía").

The policeman has now, it seems, lodged a formal complaint with the national police force, or Civil Guard (Guardia Civil). He also alleges that the Mayoress's boyfriend tried to renew his aggression against him, but that others present tried to halt this. The policeman, whose initials are 'MQ', has now said to the newspaper (see link at end): "... it is very sad that such things happen, and even more so when I was talking to the Mayoress in an atmosphere of absolute cordiality. I do not understand what Jiménez's boyfriend was trying to show/demonstrate [by his actions] at the plenary. In fact, this man accompanies the Mayoress to all public events and even appears in the photographs, and even more so when he is not a councilor or part of the local government. All this has happened because they are losing their nerves and do not control the situation. We are still owed a lot of money and we will not stop protesting, and less now. What they should now do is pay us and stop creating problems. [He reiterated that] ... my family and I feel threatened by these mafia practices that intimidate us when we oppose their policies." (" ... es muy triste que ocurran cosas así, y más aún cuando yo estaba hablando con la alcaldesa en un ambiente de absoluta cordialidad. No entiendo qué pintaba el novio de Jiménez allí en el Pleno. De hecho, este hombre acompaña a la regidora a todos los actos públicos e incluso aparece en las fotografías, y más aún cuando no es concejal ni forma parte del Gobierno local. Todo esto ha pasado porque están perdiendo los nervios y no controlan la situación. Nos siguen debiendo mucho dinero y nosotros no vamos a dejar de protestar, y menos ahora. Lo que tendrían que hacer es pagarnos y dejar de armar escándalos. Mi familia y yo nos sentimos amenazados por esas prácticas mafiosas con las que nos intimidan cuando nos oponemos a sus criterios").

The newspaper tried to contact the Mayoress, but she did not respond to their calls, but a spokesperson said: "Nothing has happened. There has been no problem at the plenary. He (the policeman) got into the alleged assailant and told him words about his (the assailant's, i.e the boyfriend's) personal life that were of no relevance. Jiménez's boyfriend did not like those words, so addressed himself to the policeman, but did not attempt to assault him." ("No ha pasado absolutamente nada. No ha habido ningún problema en el Pleno. Él se metió con el supuesto agresor y le dijo palabras sobre su vida personal que no venían a cuento. Al novio de Jiménez le sentaron mal esas palabras. Se dirigió a él, pero no intentó agredirle.")

For background information, for those not familiar with local politics in Mazarrón, there has been a long-standing dispute between the Mazarrón Local Police force and the Municipality of Mazarrón (Ayuntamiento de Mazarrón) over allegedly unpaid salaries. I heard some months ago about a "protest camp" that had been set up by some local police opposite the Town Hall and during my last visit to Spain during May saw this for myself - a quite significant number of tents had been set up on the plaza/square beside the Town Hall, surrounded by a light barrier - as I (obviously) visited the square during the daytime, an afternoon, there were only a few people present to guard their tents, but presumably more are occupied at night, although I did not hang around to find out.

I'd have thought it relatively easy to establish the FACTS of this dispute - that the Town Hall (and it Mayoress and Town Council) has, or has not, paid the monies due to its local police force. The fact that the Town Council seems not to have attempted to present any evidence they have have made the required payments leads me to suspect they probably have not, but I am obviously not in a position to know this for certain.

It is probable that the local council is short of funds, whether because funds/taxes have not been collected efficiently from those obligated to pay them, or because such funds are organically insufficient to meet expenditure commitments, or because funds once collected are not being applied correctly. I do know that a year or so back, local taxes were lowered somewhat, which seemed strange to me at the time - but as this was in the year prior to the last local elections, the cyncial me wondered at the the time whetehr this was merely a mechanism to persuade voters to vote for those who had put in place the redcution.

Neither the off-duty policeman nor the boyfriend is named in the article, standard practice in Spain, as the names of concerned parties are not revealed by the police, except sometimes in the form of their initials, until after the conclusion of any subsequent court case.

Source: Un policía denuncia al novio de la alcaldesa por «amenazas» (this article appeared in local regional newspaper 'La Verdad')

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