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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Motorway toll fees on the AP7 (Cartagena to Vera) for 2018

Earlier today, detailed toll fee tables for the AP7 motorway ('autopista') from Cartagena to Vera (and indeed throughout Spain on all toll motorways under government control) for 2018 became available, although the summary details have been available for several weeks, namely that toll fees will rise this year by almost 2% on average, after having decreased slightly in each of the past two years (0.4% in 2017 and 0.6% in 2016, respectively) - various media reports were published over the past month, but a decent summary is here in the website.

Normally the concessionaire of the AP7 motorway ('autopista') from Cartagena-Vera, Aucosta, gets the details of the latest tariff up in its website fairly promptly, but so far that has not happened (the tariff for 2017 is the only version shown there), but I expect the tariff for 2018 to appear over the next week or so. However, updated motorway toll fee information for 2018 is already available in the website of the Spanish Ministry of Development ('Fomento') and relevant information for each toll motorway under its control is available here.

For the AP7 Cartagene-Vera sector the relevant table of motorway toll fee information for 2018 is available here. Toll fees are increasing slightly across the board, anywhere from €0.05 to €0.25, based on the distance. Two examples, the toll fee to/from Cartegena/Mazarron will be increased from €5.75 to €5.85 (an increase of €0.10). Over the whole length of this toll motorway concession, from Cartagena to Vera (and vice versa) the fee will rise from €13.90 to €14.15 (an increase of €0.25).

As usual, I have included links to all of this information in relevant pages of my own Spanish website here, specifically in the pages within the 'Location' section involving toll motorway options from some of the airports in the vicinity of my holiday home (i.e. Almeria/LEI and Murcia-San Javier/MJV).

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