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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

"Ryanair and Volotea are already negotiating with Aena to fly from Corvera"

According to the linked article:
(Rough partial translation plus a few brief comments)

They are talking about commencing operations from Corvera soon after "Reyes" in January 2019 (according to the article 'soon after' "Kings", celebrated on 6th January, which in 2019 is a Sunday), with operations at the existing Murcia-San Javier airport ceasing a day earlier.

This is the first time I have ever heard a semi-specific date mentioned, so perhaps it really IS going to open this time. (fingers crossed)


NB/ AENA recently formally took on the contract to manage the projected new Murcia International Airport, located near Corvera, for a period of 25 years.

PS/ This is a comment I made in response to someone when I re-posted the same article link in a closed Facebook group relating to the part of Spain where my holiday home is located, as it may perhaps be of interest to people here too: "I suppose at least by this Autumn the airlines which plan to fly in/out of this new airport will have to start including it in their schedules for the coming year if the plans are to gain credibility, but now that AENA is formally on board I begin to have a little more confidence, but don't doubt the level at which landing fees are set will be a hot topic for negotiation between the airlines and AENA. The article does mention AENA projection that current traffic at MJV (about 1.19 million passengers per annum) may fall below 1 million during Corvera's first year of operation, before gradually rising to the 4 million they project by the end of their 25 year management contract, but AENA does have a pretty good track record of managing its airport franchises."

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