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Thursday, 17 January 2019

Motorway toll fees on the AP7 (Cartagena to Vera) for 2019

It was announced mid-December 2018 that toll fees on various toll motorways, including the AP-7 (Cartagena to Vera sector) would be reduced by approximately 30% effective 15 January 2019, whereas toll fees would be abolished overnight between 00.00 an 06.00 from the same day. However, I have so far not been able to find the new formal tariff rate sheet for 2019.

However, a few days ago (on 14JAN2019), La Opinion de Murcia published an article (click here to to see it) that goes some way to clarifying what may be happening, although it still does not provide full details or a link to the new tariff sheet. It seems clear, however, that tariffs are being abolished completely for overnight trips between 00.00 and 06.00 effective midnight on 14 January 2019, so that from 00.00 on 15 January 2019 until 06.00 and each day thereafter no fee will be payable during this overnight time period.

For daytime travel, between 06.01 and 23.59 effective 15 January 2019 and each day thereafter, it seems that toll fees will be reduced by approximately 30% (applied as a 'discount'), but if my understanding of the article is correct, this reduction 'discount' will apply only to automated 'telematic' payments by card and implies it will not apply to toll fees paid in cash. Apparently the effective date for the changes is 15 January 2019, rather than the beginning of the month, to give time for payment systems software and equipment to be updated.

The article also states that the new tariff formula that has been put in place for 'troubled' (i.e. little used and loss-making) toll motorways such as the Cartagena-Vera sector of the AP-7 will avoid them being subject to the general rise in toll rates effective from 2019 of 1.67% applied to other toll motorways in Spain. I am not entirely certain if this derogation from the tariff increase will apply to toll fees paid in cash as well, but until I can find information to the contrary I am assuming that they will be, so that tariff fees applicable in 2019 will remain as they were in 2018 for most non-regular travellers like me who have always paid the toll fees in cash on the occasions when they use this toll road (* -please see update at end). I have no doubt that most regular commuters using ordinary cars and commercial carriers using lorries/trucks already use automated 'telematic' card payment systems so will benefit from the reduction 'discount'.

I cannot find in the Fomento website a tariff page for the Cartagena to Vera sector of the AP-7 in the general motorway tariff page in the website, although the.pdf file for the 2018 tariff does remain online in its website, so this is the basis for my assumption that tariffs will effectively remain unchanged for those who do not use 'telematic' payment methods, but instead pay in cash (* -please see update at end). If I find formal clarification if/when the tariff sheet is updated for 2019 I will of course write about it here in a later blog article.

PS/ You can find tariff information for the Cartagena to Vera sector of the AP-7 for 2018 in relevant pages of my own website (for example here - see at foot of page); I will update this and the other relevant pages in due course once better information becomes available to me.

* - UPDATE (THU 17JAN19 15.37 GMT) Information I have had since writing this blog article is that the 'approx 30%' discount on the previous tariff applies to cash payments as well, so it's even better news.

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