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Sunday, 29 December 2019

Public Holidays for 2020 - Murcia Region, Valencian Community ('Communitat Valenciana') and Andalucía ('Andalusia'), Spain

I have prepared a list of 'Public Holidays' applicable in the Murcia Region of Spain for some years, because it is in this part of Spain that my own holiday home is located; I wrote a blog article about Public Holidays for 2020 in Murcia Region on 16 August 2019 and you can read it here;

- the actual list of Public Holidays for Murcia Region for 2020 can be downloaded from my personal website here (in .pdf format).

As I did last year, I have again prepared lists of 'Public Holidays' for 2020 for the two large neighbouring regions:

- for the Valencian Community ('Communitat Valenciana'), comprising the three Provinces of Alicante, Castellón and Valencia, you can download it here (in .pdf format).

- for the Andalucía/Andalusia region, comprising its eight Provinces of Almeria, Cadiz, Cordoba, Granada, Huelva, Jaen, Malaga and Sevilla [Seville], you can download it here (in .pdf format).

Although for Murcia Region, a much smaller administrative operation, this information is usually published no later than early October each year, for the much larger regions of the Valencian Community ('Communitat Valenciana') and Andalucía/Andalusia it is undoubtedly a much larger and more complex administrative operation, so takes somewhat longer to coordinate all the 'Local' holiday information in particular, so that they are not published until almost the end of December each year, just in time for the coming year when their lists enter into force.

All of this information is centralised in my personal website for Spain, in the Links page under Public Holidays. Within this part of my personal website for Spain, under the 'Sources' section there, there are links to the source documents issued by the regional governments in Murcia Region, the Valencian Community ('Communitat Valenciana') and Andalucía/Andalusia. If you wish to find 'local holidays' information for any municipality not mentioned in my own lists, the source documents will provide this level of detail, but bear in mind that municipalities within the large administrative regions of the Valencian Community ('Communitat Valenciana') and Andalucía/Andalusia are grouped alphabetically within separate sections for the three and eight constituent Provinces, respectively, so you need to know in which of the Provinces your target town/city is located, or go through these quite lengthy documents laboriously. For Murcia Region, much smaller and simpler administratively, all of its municipalities are listed alphabetically together, so it is much simpler to search. (NB/ You can also consult the official source documents for 2020 Public Holidays for Murcia Region, the Valencian Community ('Communitat Valenciana') and the Andalucía/Andalusia region by clicking on the .pdf links embedded at the foot of the three .pdf files linked to above.)

Finally, I hope at least a few readers will find all of this research and information of practical value on the occasions when they are visiting Murcia, Valencia or Andalucía, for national/regional/local holidays, or indeed other parts of Spain so far as national/regional holidays are concerned. I remind readers that such information for 2020 is summarised for the whole of Spain in its 'Official Gazette' ('BOLETÍN OFICIAL DEL ESTADO') here.

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